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Florida Flash Mobs
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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
2:45 pm
As October draws near, I feel it is now time to begin planning for the month of dooom.
10/1 is going to be my first day of HHN, after which I will get a fear pass and go 10 more times, and I expect lots of other people to do so. Also, Damon's Birthday.
10/2-3 Weekend in the POU. Geek shit.
10/8 FRAG meeting
10/9 Rocky Horror
10/10 HHN
10/13 HHN
10/14 HHN
10/17 HHN
10/18-20 The Faint concert in Atlanta
10/21 HHN
10/22 Zombie Movie fest at my place. Food/caffine/zombies/fun. Anyone's invited.
10/23 Rocky Horror
10/24 HHN
10/28 Taking Back Sunday concert in Jacksonville
10/30 Hallows Eve, zombie confirmation steps.
10/31 Mall zombies, Nothura show, Rocky Horror

Leave me comments if you want to be part of Mall Zombies, even if I already know such.
Or if you want to go to either of these shows or any of the other events.

- Rook

Sunday, June 6th, 2004
2:39 pm
Ok guys, I'm still waiting on the details of this, but,

ON JUNE 19, THE 2ND GLOBAL FLASHMOB is happening... globally.

It is in remembrance of the first documented flashmob, which partook of over 100 people in a New York Macy's, claiming to be part of a community living in a giant warehouse, which needed a "Love Rug" for them to play on.

more details later...
2:06 pm
GFM#2 is scheduled to 19th June 2004!!!
Are you in?
If you are - contact me ASAP!
I'll give all further detailes!

Or you can see everything for yourself @ wiki:
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